Riverside Cemetery is a municipal facility operated and maintained by the City of Mt. Pleasant located on West Broadway behind Nelson Park. 

General Information

  • Space Sales are completed at time of death or in advance, and are purchased by the family of the deceased, funeral directors, or individuals wishing to buy spaces for use at a later date or for someone else.
  • Issues to consider when purchasing available spaces:
    - Proximity to family or friends.
    - Presently owned lots.
    - Full burial or cremation (may determine if new spaces are needed).
  • Payment for space sales and burials is required at the time of sales or services.
  • Riverside Cemetery deeds for spaces purchased are prepared and mailed by the City Clerk.
  • Location of burial sites, graves, or researching lots for sale is done by both the City Clerk and Building and Grounds personnel.
  • Foundations for markers:
    - Poured twice a year (May & September).
    - Must be poured by Riverside Cemetery personnel.
    - Cost is $0.40 per square inch for city residents.
    - Cost is $0.60 per square inch for non-city resident.
  • Possible Closures: During winter and early spring, cemetery road conditions may require the cemetery to temporarily close to vehicular traffic until road conditions improve. 

Riverside Cemetery Calendar

Spring Cleanup
  • April 1 - April 15
  • Grave blankets and excess plants must be removed by April 15.
  • Plantings may be placed beginning May 1.
Fall Cleanup
  • October 1 - October 15.
  • All flowers, excess plants, and pots must be removed by October 15.
  • Winter decorations and grave blankets may be placed beginning November 15.
  • Cemetery personnel will remove all flowers, decorations, trees and shrubs which have become unsightly.
  • Cemetery personnel are not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items.

Contact Us

Contact City Clerk, for Riverside Cemetery information regarding:

  • Records
  • Space & Lot Sales
  • Burial Arrangements
  • Headstones & Foundations
Phone: (989) 779-5374
Fax: (989) 773-4691
Email: clerk@mt-pleasant.org

Contact Parks & Public Spaces Coordinator for information regarding:

  • Maintenance
  • Burials
  • Rules
  • Landscaping
  • Spring/Fall Clean-up
Phone: (989) 779-5340
Email: cbrune@mt-pleasant.org