City Commission Adopts International Property Maintenance Code

City Commissioners recently adopted the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC), which establishes minimum and consistent maintenance requirements for existing residential, rental and commercial buildings.

History and Implementation of IPMC

Established in 1999 by the International Code Council, the IPMC is widely used in more than 40 states as well as the following comparable Michigan communities: Allendale, Alma, Ann Arbor, Bay City, Brighton, Charlevoix, Grand Rapids, Iron Mountain, Kalamazoo and Royal Oak. In Mt. Pleasant, the IPMC has been in effect for rental properties since 2007.


The IPMC provides consistency across all building types, and is compatible with International and State Codes. This code leads to clear expectations for property owners and occupants and specifically defines the Code Official’s role. With the IPMC, additional grant funding may be available.

Notification, Education and Enforcement

If a property has an exterior maintenance issue, city staff will contact the resident and/or property owner directly. The city will then follow these steps:

  • Provide education regarding property standards and responsibilities.
  • Suggest how to remedy the situation.
  • Share grant funding information, if applicable.
  • Issue a citation if the matter is not rectified.
  • Appeals are heard and ruled upon by the Building, Fire and Sanitation Sewer Board.
  • Appeals of board decisions go to Isabella County Court.

 With IPMC, what property maintenance ordinances will remain the same?

  • Tall Grass Ordinance (96.05)
  • Solid Waste Ordinance (50.02)
  • Lighting Standard (96.13)

For more information regarding the IPMC and examples of exterior maintenance issues visit: