Paid On-Call Firefighter

The City of Mt. Pleasant is interested in working with individuals with a passion for helping others. We are currently seeking applications from high energy, team-oriented individuals who are devoted to the Mt. Pleasant community and interested in joining our Fire Department.

We invite applicants who have a high school diploma or GED and are interested in completing the training, education, and certification processes necessary to fulfill the position requirements to apply now! When we find an applicant who is committed to the community and the City, we have the ability to provide the necessary training, skills development, and networking opportunities to grow you into a strong Firefighter. We offer paid training, on-the-job experience, and a structured firefighting development program . . . in turn we ask you to be committed to the Mt. Pleasant community for many years to come.

The Mt. Pleasant Fire Department is committed to the protection of life and property. We accomplish this by utilizing modern technology, education, prevention, training, and community partnerships. We strive to provide the highest level of service during all types of disasters - natural or man-made. We serve with compassion, honesty, integrity, and care for those who live, work, or visit our community.

Please review the position requirements below:

  • Preferred education and training: High school diploma or equivalent, State of Michigan Firefighter Training Council Firefighter Levels I and II certification, Incident Command Training, Operations Level Hazardous Materials Certification, and current American Heart CPR certification, are required. A State of Michigan Medical First Responder license must be obtained within eight (8) months of hire to remain employed. Preference will be given to those candidates with a current State of Michigan Basic Emergency Medical Technician license and possess a minimum of one-year structural firefighting experience, or an equivalent combination of formal education and experience providing the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

  • The ability, desire, and commitment to complete extensive firefighting training is necessary.

  • Selected candidates must successfully pass the Candidate Physical Agility Test (CPAT) administered by the Fire Training Institute of Schoolcraft College, or within the previous twelve-month period have passed the CPAT or an equivalent physical agility test.

  • The ability to attend 19 required departmental training sessions on an annual basis.
Residency Requirement: Employees in the POC Fire ranks must reside or work within the boundaries or the perimeter roads of:

  • To the North: Rosebush
  • To the South: Pleasant Valley
  • To the East: Loomis
  • To the West: Winn
A newly hired employee will be given six (6) months to move within these boundaries. All employees must maintain their primary residency within the boundaries listed as a condition of employment for the full duration of their employment with the City of Mt. Pleasant.

Paid On-Call Firefighters are compensated on a bi-weekly basis; annual rates are divided by 26 pay periods. The base rate of pay is $115.38 per pay period, provided the employee meets the 30% run response rate as specified in the Paid On-Call Agreement. The per run response rate is $32 per run, skill-based pay is available for Fire Officer Certifications up to $364 per year, additional bonus dollars up to $8,000 per year are available based on run response rate, departmental training at $50 per session, and $20 per hour for various other non-emergency events is available. We also offer a 3% employer match in our deferred compensation plan and an education benefit for degree completion at a college or university level. The opportunity for prolonged assignments, re-certification training or additional fire courses are available, as assigned or approved by the Fire Chief.

For detailed information on the position, run rate requirements, and compensation package, review the Paid On-Call Agreement below.

Additional information:

To be considered for this position, please submit the following materials by email to:

  1. Letter of Interest;
  2. Resume;
  3. Job Application; (This is a public position; the City cannot guarantee confidentiality once the applicant accepts an invitation to interview. If you would like to request confidentiality during the pre-interview phase, please indicate your request on the application form.)
Please combine multiple documents into a single PDF file before submitting. Incomplete documents will not be accepted.

This posting will remain active until filled. We will contact you directly if you are selected for an in-person interview.

The City of Mt. Pleasant is an Equal Opportunity Employer.