Master Plan 2050

The City of Mount Pleasant Master Plan is a policy document that outlines the
City’s vision for future growth and development.

2050 Master Plan
The 2050 Master Plan was adopted by the City Commission on November 9, 2020. The plan sets an ambitious and exciting vision for the year 2050. The plan includes a conceptual re-imagining of the Mission Street corridor into a safe, dynamic, and inviting mixed-use corridor. The plan also includes a vision for an expanded and improved public space at Town Center in Downtown Mt. Pleasant.

The plan is organized into six books that may be viewed below. Book 5 – Innovative Services and Aspirations – contains the implementation strategies that will help guide the plan vision into reality over the coming years.
Past Master Plans
The City of Mt. Pleasant has adopted four new master plans (1946,19651987, and 2006) and one master plan update (2014) throughout its history.

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