309 W. Pickard Avenue, Mount Pleasant, MI48858
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Pickens Field is a 15 acre sport park including two little league baseball fields and two softball    fields. The northern path heads to the GKB Riverwalk Trail. The park also includes playground    equipment and modern rest rooms.

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Pickens Field History

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An additional plot of land was donated to the People of Mt. Pleasant by the Stuart Moses Family in memory of Kevin E. Moses to ensure future access to Pickens Field. It lies adjacent to Pickens Field at the lower western edge..

In recent years the fields have added modern restrooms, new ballfeild fencing as well as dughouts and overall improved field conditions.

The Little League organization and Jaycees dedicated the fields to the 10-year vice-president L. J. Pickens. Pickens was vice-president of the Little League from 1963 to the time of the park’s creation in 1973. He spent long hours maintaining the old field and prepping and building the new field in rain or shine.

The Jaycees adopted the project as one of their key objectives. The project was estimated to cost $15,000 and the Jaycees were eager to help.

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The City officially gave permission to have the new  Little League field built on the land just south of Pickard and North of Island Park. Spearheading the community support was Little League Vice-President L. J. Pickens.

The City of Mt. Pleasant began to look into another location for a sports park. Community members wanted lights on the baseball field and the current location at Henry and Fessenden streets did not accommodate lighting options. The Commission decided to fund a study to find other location options.