The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) deals with financing land purchases for development within the City and is currently dormant. The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA) helps provide financing to assist with the redevelopment of environmentally contaminated or structurally or economically obsolete sites in the city.

Meeting Information

Unless otherwise noted, the BRA meets as needed at Mt. Pleasant City Hall, 320 W. Broadway. Please see roster or call (989) 779-5348 for more information.

Upcoming Regular Meeting Agenda

Upcoming Regular Meeting Packet

Meeting Minutes: 2009-Current

For minutes prior to 2009 please call (989) 779-5348

Additional Information

Current Membership and Staff Contacts (term ending)

An eleven-member advisory board oversees the operation of the BRA. Board members are appointed by the City Commission and serve staggered four-year terms without pay.

  • Aaron Desentz City Manager
  • Chris Witmer, Asst. Finance Director/City Treasurer
  • Amy Perschbacher, City Mayor and Mayors’ designee; Alternate: Mary Alsager
  • Jerry Jaloszynski, Isabella County Representative; Alternate: Christopher Embrey
  • Jennifer Verleger, Mt. Pleasant Public Schools Representative
  • Josh Agardy (12/31/2024)
  • Tom Krapohl (12/31/2028)
  • Jeff Smith (12/31/2028)
  • Brad Wahr (12/31/2026)
The staff liaison for the EDC/BRA board is Michelle Sponseller, Downtown Development Director. She can be reached at (989) 779-5348 or msponseller@mt-pleasant.org.