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Medical Marihuana Committee

The City Commission has created an ad-hoc committee to research the Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMMFLA) and provide recommendation to City Commission on the suggested parameters and elements to include in a draft ordinance(s) with reasons why and potential implications. The committee will be review the experiences of other Michigan committees with medical marihuana as well as communities throughout the nation. The committee will also be engaging a variety of stakeholders for input. 

The ad-hoc committee will meet on the following dates at 7 p.m. in the City Hall Commission Chamber – 320 W. Broadway Street.

  • Wednesday, May 3 – Agenda
  • Wednesday, May 17 - Agenda
  • Wednesday, June 7
  • Monday, June 19 – Town Hall
  • Wednesday, June 21
  • Wednesday, July 12

It is expected that the committee’s recommendation will be provided to the City Commission at their July 24, 2017 meeting. Draft ordinance(s) are expected to be introduced in September.

The committee includes 7 voting members and 3 non-voting staff members:
  • Nicholas Madaj, City Commissioner, Chair
  • Lori Gillis, City Commissioner
  • Lesley Hoenig, Planning Commissioner
  • William Joseph, Planning Commissioner
  • Angel Foster, City Resident
  • James Kridler, City Resident
  • Brandon McQueen, City Resident
  • Nicholas Curcio, City Attorney (non-voting member)
  • Jacob Kain, City Planner (non-voting member)
  • Paul Lauria, Director of Public Safety (non-voting member)

If you wish to submit comments on this issue, please send them to:

Ad-Hoc Committee on MMMFLA

320 W. Broadway Street, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858 or