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Economic Development

The Economic Development department works with property owners and developers interested in positive growth and redevelopment opportunities. We work to maintain and enhance employment opportunities by retaining and creating jobs, as well as work to diversify and enhance the city's tax base.

If you are interested in what the City's Economic Development plans include. Please take a moment to peruse the documents below.

We anticipate questions, and welcome your email inquiries or telephone calls. Please let us know how we can be of further assistance to you.

Priority Development Sites in the City of Mt. Pleasant


Development Sites in the City of Mt. Pleasant

Economic Development Incentive Programs

The City of Mt. Pleasant offers a number of incentives available for qualified economic development projects. The exact nature and amount of the potential incentive is determined by the nature of the project, specific program eligibility requirements, availability of funds, approval by the appropriate Board or Commission, the impact of the project to the community and its relationship to public benefit, and other factors. Click here for a brief description of the types of incentives the City could consider for a project.

Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones were created by Congress in late 2017 as a tool for spurring economic development and job creation in distressed communities. Click here for more information about Opportunity Zones and how they might be able to attract investors to consider projects in the two Opportunity Zones designated within the City of Mt. Pleasant.

Additional information about each incentive, as well as more detailed eligibility requirements, is available by contacting the staff member identified at the end of each program description.

Revolving Loan Fund

Designed to encourage and support economic growth and community revitalization efforts, these loan funds generally support training, working capital, equipment financing, and renovation. To qualify, for every $20,000 loaned out, one full time equivalent job must be created.

You may be interested in these funds if:

  • You are a start-up or existing business that might not qualify for traditional financing.
  • Your business is located in the City of Mt. Pleasant.
  • You want to help support local community development efforts. How? The revolving loan fund is able to grow and provide more money to more businesses as principal and interest are paid back on existing loans. Providing additional businesses with access to funds and encouraging economic growth and community revitalization efforts. That’s prosperity for all!

For more information, click here.

Questions? Contact Chuck Hurst of Northern Initiatives at (906) 226-1663.