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Principal Shopping District (PSD)

Mt. Pleasant has one Principal Shopping District (PSD). Based on Michigan Public Act 120 of 1961, it authorities the development or redevelopment of principal shopping districts and business improvement districts; to permit the creation of certain boards; to provide for the operation of principal shopping districts and business improvement districts; to provide for the creation, operation, and dissolution of business improvement zones; and to authorize the collection of revenue and the bonding of certain local governmental units for the development or redevelopment projects.

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PSD is funded by a special assessment levied within the district. The PSD Board then determines how the funds will be utilized, which directly or indirectly benefits all properties within the district. Typical projects include: maintenance and snow removal in parking lots, groundskeeping/landskeeping (including hanging baskets), power washing sidewalks and utilities (lighting in parking lots and irrigation).

A nine-member advisory board oversees the operation of PSD. Board members are appointed by the City Commission and serve staggered four-year terms without pay.

PSD Meeting Information

Unless otherwise noted, all PSD meetings are held at 8:00 a.m. in Conference Room A (upstairs), Mt. Pleasant City Hall, 320 W. Broadway.

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  • The PSD meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 8:00 a.m.

    PSD Meeting Dates for 2017

    Meeting Dates:
    January 19
    February 16
    March 16
    April 20
    May 18
    June 15
    July 20
    August 17
    September 24
    October 19
    November 16
    December 21