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Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

Mt. Pleasant's Downtown Development Authority (DDA) encompasses Mission Street (from Bluegrass to the north city limit), Pickard Street (from Arnold to Packard), and Broadway Street (from Mission to Fancher).

Mission Street and Pickard Avenue are important gateways to the city, Central Michigan University, and the downtown area. These corridors play a significant role in establishing the community’s image in the minds of residents and visitors. Over the years, Mission Street and Pickard Avenue have also become an important shopping and service area. With almost 300 acres zoned for commercial use, the corridor is now Mt. Pleasant’s largest business district.

Almost every stage in the evolution of a commercial corridor is represented within the District, including a few remaining homes, older commercial development on small lots, commercial use in converted residential structures, newer strip centers, offices, fast food outlets, large shopping centers and vacant parcels. As a result, “curb appeal”, functional efficiency, and business vitality vary among the corridor’s subdistricts.

Mission Street and Pickard Avenue are major through traffic routes, as well as heavily travelled commercial streets. Mission Street is Mt. Pleasant’s only continuous north-south roadway and has been designated as Business Route 27. A one-mile portion of Mission Street (from High Street to Pickard Avenue) is also a state trunkline (M-20). M-20 continues to the east within the District along Pickard Avenue. The high incidence of turning conflicts (at driveways and cross street intersections) compromises carrying capacity, operational efficiency, and traffic safety on these important roadways.

Meeting Information

The DDA board meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. The meetings are held in Conference Room A (upstairs), Mt. Pleasant City Hall, 320 W. Broadway.

*The March 12, 2020 DDA Meeting has been canceled.

February Meeting Agenda  

February Meeting Packet  

2009-Current Meeting Minutes

* For minutes prior to 2009 please contact staff liaison William Mrdeza at (989) 779-5311 or

District Maps

Mission-Pickard DDA District

Funding Method

The DDA is funded by a portion of the property taxes from the properties located within its districts. The DDA Board then determines how the funds will be utilized, which directly or indirectly benefits all properties within the district. Typical projects include aesthetic improvements such as landscape, enhanced intersection lighting, entry walls, sidewalk brick pavers, decorative fencing, and corridor transportation safety improvements. Other requests for incentive support will be considered by the DDA Board on a case by case basis.

Current Capture Rate

The current capture rate of the district is 28%

Annual Budgets

Downtown Development Authority 2019 Amended and 2020 Proposed Budget

Annual Audit

See pages 1-12 and 60-63 of the City’s 2018 audit for details. A link to the 2018 audit can be found here.

Current Adopted Plans

Mission Street/Pickard Avenue - District Development Plan

Mission Street/Pickard Avenue - District Development Plan - Second Amendment

Mission Street/Pickard Avenue - District Development Plan - Third Amendment

Other Documents

DDA By-Laws

DDA Corridor Improvement Incentive Guidelines


The DDA currently has no outstanding contracts

Synopsis of Activities (Accomplishments/Projects/Investments/Fund Balances)

Accomplishments / Projects / Investments Through 2018
  • Pedestrian safety intersection enhancements (enhanced cross walk markings)
  • Economic incentives to qualifying businesses (decorative fencing, entry walls, bike racks, landscape plantings, decorative brickwork)
  • Façade improvement (design assistance and interest rate buy-downs)
  • Driveway relocation/consolidation per MDOT access management plan requirements
  • Coordinated with MDOT on audible pedestrian signal at Mission and Broomfield to be installed by MDOT in 2019
  • Alley PASER ratings, paving and reconstruction on the west side of Mission Street
  • Construction of cross connections between properties along Mission Street
  • Construction of new grid streets connecting Mission Street and East Campus Drive to alleviate congestion at signalized intersections and reduce the number of short trips on Mission Street
  • Enhanced intersection lighting at major Mission Street intersections
  • Funded Mission Street corridor plan as part of the 2019/2020 new City master plan
  • Amended the original development plan to add several projects to the plan and to extend the end date of the Financing Plan to coincide with the end of the Development Plan in 2025
Fund Balances as of January 1, 2019
  • Total Fund Balance $332,246 consisting of:
    • Assigned for Economic Incentives: $50,000
    • Assigned for Alley Maintenance: $50,000
    • Assigned for Master Plan: $53,300
    • Assigned for Pedestrian and Traffic Safety: $100,000
    • Unassigned: $78,946
Future Projects
  • Master Plan Mission Street Corridor Plan
  • Intersection lighting enhancements at Pickard/Mission and High/Mission Streets
  • Alley reconstruction from Bellows to Gaylord
  • Implement recommendations of Master Plan Corridor Study (TBD)
  • Prioritize and Implement recommendations of Master Plan Corridor Study (TBD)
  • Alley overlay from Locust to Wisconsin
  • Prioritize and Implement recommendations of Master Plan Corridor Study (TBD)

Membership and Staff Contacts

An eleven-member advisory board oversees the operation of the DDA. Board members are appointed by the City Commission and serve staggered four-year terms without pay.

Current Members of the DDA Board (term ending)
  • Nancy Ridley (City Manager)
  • Margaret McAvoy (Isabella County Representative) Alternate: Jerry Jaloszynski
  • Tim Driessnack, Chair (12/31/22)
  • Jeff Smith, Vice Chair (12/31/19)
  • Doug LaBelle II (12/31/19)
  • Tim Coscarelly (12/31/20)
  • John Hunter (12/31/20)
  • Lisa Orlando (12/31/20)
  • Robby Roberts (12/31/21)
  • Robert VanDorin (12/31/21)
  • Tom Krapohl (12/31/22)

The staff liaison for the DDA board is William Mrdeza, Director of Community Services Economic Development and can be reached at (989) 779-5311 or